Attempting grants

As a young academic, I hear a lot of advice on how to win grants. I read websites with advice on how to win grants.  It seems money to support education research is being directed into areas that are the priority of the funding agents, not the scholars. Hess’ book on Philanthropy in education is so very critical and important to read. Especially with NCLB and ESSA, it seems that education is no longer a route to equality, but rather a way to divide people even further by economics.

I am embarking on an attempt to win a grant this year. The grant will serve to help facilitate teachers in social studies working as a group to discuss literacy in the classroom. Through CASDA, we are starting this summer developing compelling questions with the help of the Albany institute of History and art, and my good friend Ericka.

My research and work with teachers will hopefully reach students who are at-risk, and most in need of the scholarly abilities that will help them learn historical literacy. In the fall, we will hopefully have a Professional Learning Community that will involve the reading of Nokes’ work on Historical Literacy.

I really hope that I win this grant, and can work with teachers to ensure their students are given every opportunity to exceed at the new state frameworks in social studies. If you have any suggestions, please contact me to help!



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