Help all, help each other

I am not religious, but i was stuck by this today: ” Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.” And I remember the prayers from church: May the Lord have mercy on my soul, for I am not worthy, Mary, mother of Jesus, pray for us, now in this time of our need.” My mother and father asked me to go to church when I was younger, and I earned two religious emblems of the Catholic faith in Scouting (Ad Alter Dei and Pope Pius XII). What I remember from them all, and from Patricia Jakubowski and Alfred Jakubowski’s example is the mercy we must show the weak and the sick, and the suffering. I am not asking for an Amen, or a like or a share or a re post. What I am asking for is a selfless act of charity, courage, humbleness. Hold the door for someone. Give money to a food bank. Wait at a red light for the elderly to cross the street. Tip a waiter or waitress a little extra. Say the name and smile at a child. Thank your parents. Call your parents. Tell your spouse how amazing they are. When someone looks sad, say Hi and ask if they are OK. Remember the departed. Buy cookies from Girl Scouts, or popcorn form boy scouts or candy bars from little league. Write a note to your old teacher and include a 5 dollar gift certificate to star bucks or DD or to a craft store- Lord knows they need it. Clean your closet out and give the cloths to a refugee center or salvation army or good will. Give a bonus point to a kid who semi-behaved in class today. Tell a co-worker they did great. Many apologies for the rant- just tired of negativity.

The Salvation Army of Saratoga NY needs a second shower. The GoFundMe is full of teachers who need stuff- including Nick Little of Oswego CSD. We need people helping. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and professional societies!


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